To make sure your Stellina Baby garment stays as soft and snuggly as the day you bought it we have put together this handy guide to help you care for your cashmere. If you treat your Stellina Baby purchase well it should last a lifetime, stay in its original shape and keep its colour.

To Clean

  • To hand wash garments do so gently using a small amount of detergent in luke warm water, leaving it to soak for a while
  • Once rinsed remove excess water carefully taking care not to wring or twist
  • Hand washing cashmere tends to keep it softer for longer.

To Dry

  • Make sure you reshape the garment gently after it has been washed as wet cashmere fibres can weaken and stretch
  • Roll the garment into a towel to remove excess water
  • Dry the garment flat on a drying rack making sure it is away from direct heat such as a radiator or sunlight

To Remove Stains

  • Pre-treat any stains on the garment before hand washing - do not bleach
  • Carefully treat the stain without rubbing it too vigorously

To Store

  • Make sure the garment is clean before you store it
  • Let the item breathe - do not pack in airtight containers, but store away in the Summer in a natural cotton bag.

To Iron

  • Carefully pressing the garment with a cool iron after it has dried can help reshape it and soften the yarn

We hope this helps you care for your Stellina Baby garment and keeps it staying soft and cosy for your little one to enjoy!

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