Cashmere Jumpers offers comfortable cashmere baby clothing designed with your baby’s soft and sensitive skin in mind.

We offer 100% pure cashmere baby clothing at affordable prices as well as 100% pure cashmere outer with 100% pure cotton inner garments for the most sensitive of skins. All clothes come in a variety of sizes for babies and toddlers.

Cashmere is an ultra fine, natural fibre, extracted from the fleece of Kashmir goats. Cashmere is considered the finest of all natural fibres when compared to cotton, silk, merino wool and linen.

Stellinababy offers pure 100% Cashmere, with all of its amazing characteristics, such as exquisite softness, light weight, warmth, comfort, as well as 100% Cashmere Outer and 100% Cotton inner, for luxurious quality and suitable for the delicate skin of your baby, at exceedingly affordable prices, without ever compromising on quality.

Choose one or several of our quality cashmere jumpers in varying designs, sizes and colors to wrap your little one in trendy yet comfortable clothing and you won’t be disappointed!

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